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 Three-Act Play:

 Meet Charisse, the chicken who wants to kiss and drives all the other farmyard animals crazy! Packed with action, music, and lots of humor, this theatrical play in three acts is a comedy that encourages children and audiences of all ages to participate, make suggestions and choices, approve or disapprove, and fully engage in physical and mental activity.

 ‘Charisse, The Chicken Who Wanted to Kiss’ shows children of all ages that, despite our limitations, we can recognize and use our potential to improve ourselves and our relationships with others. 

 Welcome to Charisse’s wild adventure! 

L. E. Skelton


 As author and writer in English and Portuguese.

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L. E. Skelton

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 As Co-owner, Office Manager, and Content Writer for a website.

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 Keith's Dent Repair

L. E. Skelton

PDR Dfender (Patent)

Patent Number 10245629 (USPTO)

Patent Writing:

 As Co-inventor and Patent Writer for our "Hand Tool for Paintless Dent Repair."

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Patent Number: 10245629

L. E. Skelton